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We construct structures in cellular concrete

Build your house at your own pace, keep track of the times and your money. We take care of the most difficult for you to decide the easiest and at your pace !!! Finish your house at your discretion and time.


We offer the construction of the structure of the house, so that you take care of the interior and exterior finishes to your taste and time. After a long study in the different prefabricated building systems, we offer you the best alternative of structure of 1 leaf blade complying with the code Technician in isolation, in the shortest possible time, with cellular concrete block and concrete slab by prestressed alveolar slab.



Our product consists of: Project of architecture and direction of work to cover (without recording if it is flat). At that moment we finish our work, now will be the moment in which the client takes the reins of the interior and exterior finishes. If the client wishes, it will be possible to continue counting on the Architect and with the Aparejador to finish the work that point the client will be in charge of the payment of the works of the technicians in the following phase.


That includes the structure for your house It includes the project and the direction of work until the end of our phase.
We define our phases
1. Project of complete architect. Direction of work until waterproofing of cover the rest fees will be agreed with the office of architecture.

2. Foundation slab 25 centimeters (with gravel)

3. Prestressed concrete slab with compression layer.

4. Pretiles on deck.

5. Flat roof waterproofing (not included) in the case of a sloped roof is completely finished except for the ventilation chimneys.

We do not include:
1. Land movement.
2. External sanitation is not included. Crates, etc.
3. Pre-installations (electric, gas, water and others)
4. Fencing of construction site and maintenance.
5. Provisions of water and light.
6. Plot walls, and everything related to exteriors of the same.

Additional services we offer.
1. Geotechnical and Topographical Studies.
2. Temporary fencing of the work and maintenance.
3. Installation of temporary water and light
4. Plot walls and enclosures for containment.
5. Pre-installation.

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Where it all begins

The basis of our structure for your house is in its field, and the important thing is to know it well, to be able to build on it, for it is essential to have the Geo-technical and Topographic studies, it must be fenced in Start the project of the structure of your house.


Let's do it

Once closed all the subjects of the land, and with the project defined and approved by the competent body (City Hall, ...) and settled the fees to obtain the work permit, we can start with the bases of the structure, The slab of 25 Centimeters with gravel we included in our project, sanitary system connections defined, everything we need before starting to lift the walls of your future home.


The structure

We start with load walls, our constructive system in cellular concrete is one of the best in the market for quality, speed and performance. Achieving to finish the structure of the house with concrete slabs in 1 month from the beginning so that the client continued with the same.


The cover

Whatever your choice both flat roof (not included engraved) or inclined will be completely finished except in the case of having the chimneys of ventilation. Until this process is where we arrived with the construction of the structure, where the customer now takes control and decides how to continue, can continue with the architecture office according to his criteria or as well as contract us for more advances in his house.


We have made structures of houses in cellular concrete since 2010, our experience is of the best in the market.

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